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Theodore J. Borris, DDS

Dr. Ted Borris is a University of Illinois grad who likes to think of his current position, Director of Scientific Programs for the Chicago Dental Society, as his third attempt at a career. He started out as a math teacher and guidance counselor in the Chicago Public Schools. Looking for a change he became a dentist, served his country with a hitch in the USAF and then went into private practice. After a successful 30+ years in practice, Ted moved on to the Chicago Dental Society rather than retire. With his wife and travel companion, Carolyn, he has attempted to bring the best in dental speakers to the Midwinter Meeting since October, 2014.

Contact Dr. Borris:

Theodore J. Borris, DDS
Director of Scientific Programs
Chicago Dental Society
(312) 836-7312



Jordon Comstock

Jordon Comstock is the founder and CEO of BoomCloud. BoomCloud exists to help dental practices create, organize, track and automate an in-house membership program as a strategy to reduce dependence on dental insurance. Jordon started his career in the dental industry managing a dental lab and soon realized the need for our industry to create membership programs. He studies UX/UI design, web development and marketing at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City.

Contact Jordon:

Jordon Comstock, Founder & CEO
(801) 910-5651


Elijah Desmond

Elijah Desmond began his career at age 15 as a motivational speaker to kids. He went on to graduate from The Ohio State University as a “Guygienist” and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where he started his first of seven dental businesses. Elijah now resides in South Florida with his wife and 3 year old daughter. He is adamant that a fun atmosphere is essential to learning. You may best know him from his Facebook group Trapped in an OP which now has over 12,000 dental professionals or for his business, Smiles at Sea, international dental conferences on cruise ships. His cruises focus on two things: FUN and Education. Join him and travel the world 1 CE at a time!

Contact Elijah:

Elijah Desmond, Owner & CEO
Smiles at Sea
(808) 348-6024


Bonnie Pugh

Bonnie Pugh is the Executive Director for the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. Formed in 1987, this is a group of individual dental consultants. Our purpose is to advance the dental profession by providing vision, standards and leadership. Our intent is to maximize our individual talents by learning from one another. The Academy affords its members both a forum to exchange ideas and philosophies and the prestige of membership attained through the individual and collective realization of exemplary standards.

Bonnie started her career in dentistry nearly 30 years ago as a business team member and quickly moved into technology with a leading technology company. Bonnie is a uniquely skilled, versatile business and technology professional, offering 26+ years combined industry and business experience. Bonnie is co-founder of Practice Dynamics, a dental consulting company that focuses on balance driven success through systems, teams and technology.

Contact Bonnie:

Bonnie Pugh, Executive Director
Academy of Dental Management Consultants
(888) 425-3235 ext. 700


Crystal Soucy

Crystal Soucy, CMP is the Director of Meetings and Continuing Education for the Connecticut State Dental Association. She has been there for almost 10 years and has been in the meeting planning industry for a total of 20 years. She was first introduced to this line of work when she began working in the education department for the CT Association of REALTORS®. After nine years, she decided to try her hand at the other side of the event world and spent two years with Event Resources, a company that provides support to a wide variety of organizations to help them produce their events. From that experience, she learned that she prefers being on the “front lines” as opposed to “behind the scenes” and was hired by the CSDA. In 2012, Crystal earned her Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) designation and just recertified at the end of 2017. Crystal lives in East Hampton, CT with her beloved Pomeranian, Baci.

Contact Crystal:

Crystal Soucy, CMP
Director of Meetings & Continuing Education
CT State Dental Association
(860) 378-1800