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Where we come together to learn,
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Join us in Phoenix and learn to:

- Craft compelling, emotionally engaging messages that resonate with audiences.

- Embrace authenticity and transparency for stronger connections and relatable, compelling presentations.

- Tailor messages for diverse audiences, enhancing inclusivity.

- Cultivate deeper connections, transforming each audience with interactive, participatory experiences.

- Learn through practice in conscious community, allowing for deeper embodiment of the teachings.

Experience the DSI community's collaborative spirit, share insights and unite in purpose!

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May 2-3, 2025
(Friday &

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Delivering transformational education and experiences.

Welcome to the WEvolution!

Where WE gather to learn, to grow, to evolve
Where WE lean into community as we network, collaborate and support
Where WE is greater than ME and #everyonewins

The Conscious Speaker integrates the professional and personal, leading with purpose, passion and in alignment with their higher calling.

Passion & Purpose:  With a focus on topics that resonate deeply, the conscious speaker contributes significantly to growth and well-being.

Acts of Service:  Their ultimate goal is to enrich others' lives through knowledge, inspiration, service, and tools for improvement.

Live in Alignment:  Makes mindful choices that resonate with their higher self, listening for inner guidance and considering the impact of their actions.

Find Fulfillment: Experience inner harmony by aligning career with purpose, embodying love, service, and radical responsibility.

The Dynamic Speaker drives growth and innovation, transforming audiences through actionable, engaging content.

Ignite Action:  Engages audiences with stellar content, authenticity, inspiring action and innovation.

Drive Change:  Empowers others to embrace new perspectives and implement meaningful change.

Lead with Vision:  Forward thinking, pioneering new ideas that contribute to growth and progress.

Achieve Impact:  By aligning their dynamic approach with their purpose, these speakers find fulfillment in sparking change and driving collective success.

The Evolving Expert inspires, leads, and transforms in their field, embodying mindful leadership and adaptive innovation.

Blending conscious awareness with dynamic action, The Evolving Expert develops Self while mastering innovative strategies which serve others.

Guided by a desire to learn, grow, and evolve, The Evolving Expert exemplifies the pinnacle of professional dedication and personal growth.

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Join the WEvolution!

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