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Pursuing Fellowship through Dental Speaker Institute (FDSI) is one of the most significant investments you can make in your future.

Through conferences, workshops, virtual live, recorded, and one-on-one educational opportunities, Dental Speaker Institute’s curriculum teaches the techniques, principles, and systems necessary to master the art and business of speaking.

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January 5-8, 2022 - Phoenix, AZ

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Face-to-face.  Shoulder-to-shoulder.  Arm-in-arm.

JUMPSTART  is THE "don't miss" conference for dental meetings professionals
whose goal is to create effective, unforgettable educational experiences.
Bring your passion for dentistry and join us in a conversation to explore
positive new beginnings and restoration of our meetings industry.

Connect with other connectors.  Break barriers.  Change our industry for good.

Join the Dental Meetings WE volution.

dental speaker business workshop

Dental Speaker Institute presents:


January 5-8, 2022

Preconference: Jan 5 Afternoon
Mesa, AZ (see FAQ for details)

$2,100 per person

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Strengthen your skills and knowledge:

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Opening Keynote and workshop:  Under the Magnifying Glass:  Good to Great Presentations

Eleni Kelakos
Fishbone Methodology:  Build a Brilliant Speech

Sara Connell
Keynote:  Write a Best Seller in 30 Days

Lesley Everett
Keynote:  Becoming the Entrepreneurial Leader

David Gates
The Magic Words:  3 Essential Tricks to Levitate your Message

Karen Tindall
Harnessing the Power & Positivity of your Time

Frank King
How to Land & Rock a TEDx Talk

Dave Striegel
Performing Under Pressure

Angela Mulrooney
Body Language and Movement

Vanessa Emerson
Client Attraction Strategies

Tips & Tools for Getting Booked & Paid

.... and much more, including:


State of the Dental Meetings Industry Forum
(All attendees:  Planner, Partner, Speaker)

JS22x Speaking Xtravaganza! 
24 Attendees will be scouted by industry major meeting scouts

5th Anniversary Dinner & Entertainment

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Break through the obstacles, turbo charge your speaking opportunities and create the business you love!

Thank You to Our Sponsoring Partners:

Join us! January 5-8, 2022 - Phoenix, AZ

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Planners and Sponsors, we have opportunities for YOU!

As essential members of our dental meetings community, we would love to meet and network with you! 
Join us to participate in shaping your dental meetings industry!


Learn how easy it is for you to attend JUMPSTART.   Planners of ADA, AGD and select meetings are eligible to attend and scout speakers at no charge (if eligible.)   ALL planners are welcome.  Come participate in our robust scouting sessions! 

View our member's listing pages on this site for more information about their speaking topics, as well as speaker packets and demo videos.

To learn more about attending JUMPSTART as a scout/planner, email:


JUMPSTART partners exclusively with a select group of 10 sponsors for our events.  All dental vendors and corporations are welcome to join us as industry members. 

Participate in sessions designed specifically for you, as well as networking and scouting opportunities!

You are invited to utilize the 'Register Now' button on this page and the currently advertised discounted rate (if applicable).  We'd love to include you!

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