DSI Fellowship Faculty Spotlight: Chuck Blakeman

What legacy do you want for yourself and your family? Are you in business to pay a mortgage or build a great life? What if your business was a permanent asset you never wanted to sell, that could fund your lifestyle without you being a hostage to it?

Most people spend more time planning just one, two-week vacation than they do their entire lives clarifying their Lifetime Goals. That’s nuts.

The DSI Fellowship curriculum provides solutions to this challenge and more through our business of speaking courses.

This month, DSI highlights faculty member Chuck Blakema’s course “No-Nonsense Lifetime Goals” and how it can help you clarify your Lifetime Goals (your “Big Why”) and how to use your business to build your Ideal Lifestyle in support of those goals.


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Chuck has generously offered a 50% savings for Dental Speaker Institute members. You can access the savings here:
email: Megan@CranksetGroup.com


Dental Speaker Institute’s Fellowship curriculum offers a robust educational program which can help you elevate your influence and impact as a dental speaker and platform professional.  Through DSI’s fellowship program, you will:

  • Increase your knowledge and improve your skills in the areas of content development, presentation skills, and the business of speaking.
  • Work one-on-one with speaker development coaches, and
  • Demonstrate the application of what you have learned by getting booked and delivering presentations.

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