Dave Striegel

DSI Fellowship Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Dave Striegel

Many of us can perform well under ideal conditions. Yet, rarely do performances go as planned. The DSI Fellowship curriculum provides solutions to this challenge and more through our skills building courses. This month, DSI highlights faculty member Dr. Dave Striegel’s course and how it can help you perform better under pressure.

Dr. Dave specializes in helping highly motivated, highly focused professionals learn to thrive under the pressure that accompanies pursuing greatness in their chosen field. Dr. Dave Striegel’s unique background, with a Ph.D. in sport psychology, coupled with his highly engaging, no-nonsense communication style have led to over 25 years of success as a performance coach, consultant and speaker. Learn how to filter the noise we all hear, enhance performance and apply the technique immediately in their lives.


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Dental Speaker Institute’s Fellowship curriculum offers a robust educational program which can help you elevate your influence and impact as a dental speaker and platform professional.

Through DSI’s fellowship program, you will:

  • Increase your knowledge and improve your skills in the areas of content development, presentation skills, and the business of speaking.
  • Work one-on-one with speaker development coaches, and
  • Demonstrate the application of what you have learned by getting booked and delivering presentations.

Learn more:  www.FDSICurriculum.com