Participant Feedback

“Within two weeks of my attendance at JUMPSTART2018, my self-sponsored courses are selling-out, my speaking schedule is abundantly booking, I am contracted to write articles and I have had countless requests for course proposals.

I walked into JUMPSTART2018 lost and unfocused but ready to grow. I simply couldn’t have imagined such incredible results, let alone the immense focus I have found for my young career. I can’t wait for JUMPSTART2019! Cheers!”

Katrina M Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

  • “This was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. Being surrounded by masters of this craft was transformational and just watching them was truly powerful and inspiring. Mark, Paul, Vanessa, Katherine and Margy were all excellent. The spirit of them all with the ‘You can do this too’ attitude was so inspiring and appreciated.”
  • “The content was awesome. Mark LeBlanc truly blew me away with his story telling. The humility that all the speakers have was so refreshing and inspiring. I truly feel that the speakers objectives of giving the audience hope was achieved.”
  • “The value was excellent. The speakers are outstanding. The ONLY thing that could have been improved would have been more time for each of them! The speakers are the absolute highest quality and the information they shared was real world, usable information.”

“I can not let the week end without thanking you for such an incredible workshop! Every day I am ‘taking one more step’ towards developing an amazing and rewarding speaking career. I was in such great company last weekend and gained so much insight, knowledge and inspiration! I am looking forward to an amazing year and to JUMPSTART2019!”

Dr. Ronni Brown

“The content at JUMPSTART2018 was simply AWESOME- I really loved the deep dives with the headline speakers. To spend a day with Katherine Eitel, Mark LeBlanc and Paul Homoly was a wow educational experience. I always take away valuable tidbits from Marge and Jennifer. Well done, DSI!

What an honor to present among these esteemed keynoters.”

Rita Zamora

“Congratulations for recognizing a trend in the marketplace, reaching out to others, and creating something so amazing in such a short time.! I cannot begin to imagine the investment of time and money that went into your event however, I do know that it was worth it!

What an amazing way to begin 2018!!”

Jennifer Schultz
www.The AchievementBlueprint.com

“This conference will help you develop your expertise and eloquence as a speaker. It’s like an NSA Convention… but just for Dental Speakers! This meeting is heavily education focused. I appreciate that there was no wasted time and the instructors were over the top.”

Leslie Canham, CSP

“Thank you for inviting me to attend JUMPSTART2018. The workshop was excellent and an opportunity to learn from industry greats. My brother, Steve, was also excited to learn from these exceptional presenters. We are both inspired and looking forward to next year. Well done!”

Dr. Stuart Frost

“Thank you for putting on your JUMPSTART workshop!

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended an event and didn’t get the itch to get up or wish for a presentation to end.

You had a Rockstar crew and I so look forward to attending next year!”

Chris Ciardello; Speaker, Consultant

“Dynamic! The speakers at JUMPSTART2018 in Phoenix were impressive.   They shared their secrets for a great presentation. I am encouraged with new tools to use and make my presentations fantastic. Keynote speakers such as Vanessa Emerson, Katherine Eitel, Paul Homoly and Mark LeBlanc helped us realize that we, too, can make a difference in lives with our message.”

Sherry Priebe, RDH, BDSc,MSc

“Transformational. If there are speakers that want to learn better skills from the masters, this is the conference.”

Traci Warner
Extraordinary Practice

“This is an excellent personal development conference to propel your dental speaking/consulting business to unimaginable heights! You offered the right mix of speakers, sponsors, training. Spot on!! Highly recommended.”

Christine Curtis

“This meeting is exceptional for providing speakers what they need to grow their businesses. Working with Vanessa will get you to your goals!”

Mike Canham

“JUMPSTART2018 exceeded my expectations. It provided me with the understanding, inspiration and tools to move my speaking business forward. The instructors and content were excellent.”

Dr. John Kempton