Reviews on Jumpstart Dental Conference

What's being said about JUMPSTART2022?

This 2-day fully virtual event brought al of the educational content you expect - and more!
Some of the comments shared in the  days following JUMPSTART2022 are below...

“The quality of the speakers at JUMPSTART is unmatched. You will receive the most perfect combination of practical tips and collegial support that you can imagine from a conference. JUMPSTART is truly a community with open arms and an abundance mindset.
Kathryn Gilliam

The value of JUMPSTART is immeasurable. I could say that purely about the content and information. But what is of even greater value is the camaraderie and loving spirit the leadership and attendees bring to the event. So very special!”
Dave Striegel

“This is THE conference for learning the how to's of the speaking business jam packed with content for everyone from the novice to the experts.”
Margy Schaller

“No other program offers the variety of speakers and their willingness to share knowledge as this program does. Jumpstart is worth every penny you spend and every minute of your time.
Mary Shipp

JUMPSTART is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who is, or wants to be, a speaker in dentistry.”
David Harris

THIS is THE event you need to be at if your business model or interest includes speaking. ENROLL NOW!”
Anita Sirianni

“JUMPSTART brings great guidance to becoming a better speaker. What a pivot to an outstanding virtual event!!
Kathy Asted

“You cannot put a price on the value of the relationships you will build at Jumpstart!”
Naomi Amador

“Attend JUMPSTART to hone your skills as a speaker, learn how to create compelling presentations, become a better version of yourself, and learn things you didn't know you didn't know!”
Fran Horning

“If you are looking to go next level with your speaking - this is where you go to learn.”
Shelley Renee

“JUMPSTART provides education on being a speaker and running a speaking business as mostly solo-preneuers, what meeting planners want, how to reach them, and of course the “VANESSA” leadership experience.”
Leslie Canham

“I learned communication and storytelling tips and tools that will serve me in every area of my life. I also learned diverse ways we can share our message that goes far beyond speaking from a stage. The new friends and opportunities to serve and collaborate were extra thick icing on the cake.”
Julie Kellogg

The community is fantastic. This was an incredible example of what to do in an impossible situation. Your work was brilliant and appreciated. Nothing but loving vibes.”
Brandi Hooker Evans

Life changing content!
Neo Positivity

“JUMPSTART is for those who want to explore professional speaking as well as those who want to elevate their speaking. We are all students, always.”
Karen Daw

“JUMPSTART was transformational! This annual conference is a great way to hone in your skills regardless if you are speaking, coaching, or training. It has helped me refocus and prepare for the upcoming year! I am so thankful for this community that has attracted like-minded people who are open to helping, encouraging, and supporting each other!”
Amie Spurlock

“An incredible couple days at JUMPSTART2022. Thank you for filling my cup with an abundance of love, wisdom, power and support.”
Samantha Jones

“What a life changing community of speakers/consultants. This is a conference of doers! It is so important to be a part of a community where growth, passion and love leads. All presenters shared engaging with relevant material. The attendees were “fun” to be virtually around. Vanessa and her team made the investment pay off exponentially.”
Hazel Glasper

“This was an excellent conference! So glad to be a part of it!”
Jumoke Adedoyn

“Such a great conference!! Loved all the presenters so much! Bravo!! My first DSI event, but not my last for sure!”
Lani Grass

“JUMPSTART2022 was amazing… even virtual!
Amber Del Pozo

“It was just as it should have been and it was a fabulous day of growth, learning, and connecting. Thank you!”
Susan Cotten

Fantastic job transitioning to virtual. Outstanding!”
Kathleen Carson

“An enormous THANK YOU to bring this virtual format to life. As a first-time attendee, I was blown away by the value and quality of the content- by the generosity of each presenter- and by the sense of community, support, and empowerment. I had no idea that this miraculous network lived within the dental world and I am honored and humbled to have found it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so excited for more!!!”
Tarryn MacCarthy

“All I can say is “Wow! Wow! Wow!” I could not have been more impressed— with my fellow presenters, the quality of the virtual feed, the high-level of the content, the thoughtful and engaged participants and with Vanessa’s composure under pressure. Again, “Wow!” Honored to have been a presenter and to be a part of this community.”
Eleni Kelakos

I loved my first JUMPSTART experience.”
Dilaine Gloege

“JUMPSTART is a content-rich, masterfully delivered, well organized and community supported lovefest for the best speakers and trainers in the industry! Soooo well done and I'm so happy to have invested my time and money in this organization, community, and conference. This virtual JS is a homerun!
Katherine Eitel Belt

“Everyone is just raving about the entire program (not just the fact that you were able to pull it off so quickly). Somehow you continue to make it better every year!”
Margy Schaller

I love the community! It is an exceptional feeling!”
Karese Laguere

“JUMPSTART covers a LOT and is well worth your time.
Briana Lipor