Amanda Hill


Amanda Hill, RDH
Norfolk, VA

(757) 816-4542

– Communication
– Culture
– Dental Hygiene
– Emotional Intelligence
– Infection Control

Amanda Hill, RDH

Amanda likes to describe her career in dental hygiene as an adventure. Growing up in and then marrying into the military she has had the opportunity to experience life and dentistry all over the world.

Amanda had the good fortune to begin her dental career in an office where excellence was the norm. She had the chance to be stretched and challenged while traveling for courses and learning the latest in clinical care and patient communication. Thus developing a love for learning. Through her adventures around the world, she became obsessed with finding ways to continue her education and stay current and in connection with the dental industry.

She is an enthusiastic speaker, innovative consultant, and award-winning author. Recipient of OSAP’s Emerging Infection Control Leader award, a member of the Cellerant executive consulting team, an active participant with the advisory board for RDH magazine, Dentistry IQ, and OSAP’s Infection Control In Practice Editorial Review Board and membership committee, Amanda strives to make topics in dentistry accurate, accessible, and fun!

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