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– Dental Expert Witness Training

Brad Boeke, DDS

Many dentists burn out, become overwhelmed, and wonder if dentistry is really for them. Or, they may be near the end of their chairside career. Or, they may be looking for supplemental income. Dental expert witness work could be the right answer for them!

Brad Boeke, DDS has practiced general dentistry for 40 years, including surgical implants, restorations, and endodontics. Owner of a highly profitable, multiple location practice and a highly proficient clinician, Dr. Boeke has been a frequent lecturer on the business of dentistry.

Dr. Boeke has offered his services as a dental subject matter expert witness for 30 years, effectively defending both doctors and patients. Having witnessed firsthand the benefits of participating as a dental expert witness, he is motivated to help his dental colleagues learn what they need to know and do to also become dental expert witnesses. His unique, engaging, transformational speaking programs guide attendees through the process of getting started as a dental expert witness.

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