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Bri Richardson, CDA

Bri Richardson, CDA, is a powerhouse in the world of dental insurance! As the owner of Elevate My Practice, LLC and the founder of Dental Insurance SOS, Bri is a Dental Insurance Specialist, Speaker, and In-Office Trainer for teams across the nation. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work are infectious, and she is on a mission to empower dental teams to keep their insurance management in-house, collect for services they complete within 30 days, and elevate their practice to new levels of sucess.

With over a decade of experience in the dental industry, Bri began her career in 2009 in Western New York as a dental assistant. Over the years, she has honed her skills and expertise by serving in various roles, from clinical assistant to treatment coordinator, and ultimately as a Dental Insurance Specialist. Bri has spent countless hours working on insurance claims and has mastered the art of extraordinary insurance verifications, perfect claim preparation, and overturning denials effectively. She is an expert at collecting the correct copays while navigating the red tape restrictions that can result in claim denials.

Bri’s enthusiasm, expertise, and contagious energy make her the perfect advocate for dental teams looking to maximize their revenue and improve their patient experience. With Bri on your side, you can be confident that your practice will be elevated to new heights of success, as she helps you navigate the complex world of dental insurance with ease and expertise!

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