Facial Function
Ellicott City, MD 

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Cheryl Shafer, RDH BS COM

Cheryl Shafer, RDH BS COM is the founder of Facial Function, specializing in myofunctional and breathing disorders. She worked as a clinical dental hygienist in pediatric, periodontics and general practices for over 30 years. After completing her second degree in Community Health Education she worked for Head Start Programs overseeing the dental program and wrote a curriculum for nurses that serve the elderly on oral health management.

With a broad perspective in both dentistry and orofacial myofunctional disorders she brings her passion to the importance of understanding the links between oral structure, function and behavior to empower and educate others.

Her mission is to reduce airway and myofunctional disorders by assisting clients to reach their goals of healthy facial function and by speaking to oral health professionals to empower the team to include airway and oral functional disorders in their comprehensive screenings.

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