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Cindy Rogers

Cindy started her career as a paralegal in employment law. She then accepted a position as an office manager for a dentist fresh out of school. She was an integral part of helping this practice grow exponentially over the next 10 years.  She then went on to become a dental hygienist and has been practicing clinical hygiene since 2010.

She took the leap she always wanted to and became a dental consultant in 2017. She has been sharing her knowledge and proactive ways of thinking with teams throughout the United States ever since. Teams love working with her because she “gets” both sides. She understands what makes the practice thrive from behind the front desk as well as in the operatory. You will find her intuitive nature a bonus as you are working with her.

Today you will find Cindy speaking and consulting with dental and medical practices on healthcare compliance topics. She provides C.E. courses on OSHA, HIPAA , and Infection Prevention for the Dental Team.

Cindy believes that by working together we can all achieve more. She is the co-founder of rootUon and has co-written a book to mentor dental program graduates as they transition from the classroom to the operatory. She is also the co-host of the Dental Alements Podcast.


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