Cris Duval


The LifeGuard Initiative
Bend, Oregon

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Cris Duval, RDH

Who are you going to BE to your patients? A LifeGuard offers a lifeline to patients through education that empowers and shifts behaviors. Committed to seeing patients return healthy and with no calculus or bleeding. Though most hygienists want to help their patients achieve total-body wellness, many find themselves without enough time in the visit. In this practical, empowering, and actionable course, Cris Duval, RDH, reveals a groundbreaking model for professional transformation. Learn a failsafe set of practices that can uplift your daily interactions with patients. Instead of repairing damage since the last visit, work with patients preparing them for a healthier tomorrow.

Be a LifeGuard for your patients and create predictably higher levels of health.

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