Dental Program Faculty
Mott Community College

Flint, MI


Deborah Jaruzel, CDA, RDA, MA

Deborah is an educator that began her career working as a clinical assistant in community dental practices until she was inspired to teach in a dental program at her local community college. She has been a prominent fixture in the classroom for the past two decades and has been instrumental in helping students acquire the skills needed to help their patients find their smiles again!

Over the years, she has played a vital role in her professional association and has become involved in educating beyond the classroom. She has gone into the trenches and has participated in every aspect of continuing education meeting planning; from formulating the initial idea, choosing the venue, taking on the difficult task of food taster for menu selections to eventually, Yes, finding her voice and speaking! She has a strong desire to take her inside the classroom voice… outside of the classroom and share what she has learned with the rest of the world!

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