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Derik J. Sven, MPH, MBA, RDH, CDT

A pioneering figure in dental practice management, Derik’s career has been rooted in a profound commitment to ethical practices and an educational background in clinical dentistry, public health, business administration, and law, shaping his professional ethos.

Recognizing a pervasive issue within the dental consulting industry—where profit often trumps patient care and consultants frequently lack clinical insight—Derik was motivated to create a change. His experiences working in practices across the country revealed a need for a consulting approach that prioritizes patient welfare over practice profits without negating the latter.

Derik’s vision led to the establishment of Quintessence, a firm that stands out for its unique approach. It places ethics above profitability, setting a new standard in the industry. Quintessence is dedicated to providing educational resources and training that empower clinicians to effect meaningful and enduring changes in their patients. Derik’s programs emphasize ethical, effective, efficient, and compassionate management strategies that align with clinical excellence.

Quintessence Dental Practice Consulting is a vital resource for dental practitioners who aspire to integrate exceptional patient care with sound business practices. His seminars and workshops provide practical insights and adherence to ethical principles, reflecting the latest in clinical research and Derik’s extensive personal experience.

As a respected speaker, writer and consultant, Derik continues to influence the dental community, advocating for consulting practices that honor the dental profession’s integrity and the patient’s dignity. His leadership through Quintessence has proven that the most effective business practices are based on moral integrity and a commitment to compassionate care.

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