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Dr. Dave Striegel

Dr. Dave Striegel’s unique background, with a Ph.D. in sport psychology, coupled with his highly engaging, no-nonsense communication style have led to over 25 years of success as a performance coach, consultant and speaker. He works with professional and elite amateur athletes, Fortune 500 executives, business owners, doctors, top educators and law enforcement specialists. A sampling of his client list includes executives from Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, athletes on the PGA, LPGA, ATP & WTA Tours, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and US Ski Team as well as members of FBI Hostage Rescue Teams and the military’s Special Forces.

While the concepts and principles Dr. Dave teaches apply to anyone wishing to improve their performance, he specializes in helping highly motivated, highly focused professionals learn to thrive under the pressure that accompanies pursuing greatness in their chosen field.

In his work coaching corporate executives and business owners, Dr. Dave’s gift is his ability to filter the noise we all hear constantly in our personal and professional lives that keeps us from pursuing excellence. He transfers the critical meaning and lessons from his work with high level performers into terms that anyone wanting to enhance performance will remember and be able to apply immediately in their lives.

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