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Frances K. Horning, BRDH, HIAOMT

Fran’s career in dentistry spans almost four decades and her passion for the field is palpable. Early on in her clinical career as a dental hygienist, she questioned how she could help her patients achieve more optimal health and her journey into biological dentistry began. As her love for the field grew, she became a leader in the field and is now the Assistant Director of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the Hygiene Committee Chair and sits on their board where here she can assist in the growth of the field. Due to her deep passion and an event that changed the trajectory of her life, she has become a passionate and authentic speaker internationally on the practice of biological dentistry and the benefits to not only the patient, but also primarily the practitioners. Additionally, Fran is a coach and trainer for Integrative Perio Solutions LLC and KT Dental Seminars LLC.

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