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Glenda Acevedo

A supportive business culture motivates team members to reach higher levels of performance. When well-documented systems are in place, the company runs smoothly and efficiently. By embracing a culture - and systems - driven approach, you can boost productivity, increase business value, and free yourself from daily operations.

Documentologist Glenda Acevedo guides professionals in transforming company culture through her speaking and consulting programs. She is a regular presence on podcasts and contributes to prominent industry publications.

Certified in systems management, Glenda helps businesses document their own proven processes - minimizing mistakes, generating time to devote to other tasks, and cultivating an opportunity to scale profits. She is also trained in various systems and project management platforms.

She brings nearly three decades of experience cultivating partnerships, expanding network connections, influencing buying decisions, designing, and implementing programs, training employees, and educating customers at a Fortune 500 company.

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