Jeff Buske



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– Implant Dentistry
– Stress Management
– Suicide Prevention

Jeff Buske, DDS

Dr. Jeff Buske has been practicing dentistry for the last 24 years. He focuses mainly on placing and restoring dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation.

For the last 5 1/2 years, he has focused on living a “Leading Edge Life” with a challenge based lifestyle. This means being whole and complete lacking nothing and leading himself, his family, his team and his patients.

After turning his life around he decided to take a stand to eradicate divorce, depression, sedation and suicide in our dental profession. He is the founder and co-creator of Dental Syndicate. Where a doctor can learn a simple framework, that can set them free. They learn the tools to manage the chaos and the stress we face as business owners, spouses, and parents while having a true work-life balance as well as how to live as a four-dimensional human being creating harmony, power and clarity across your faith, fitness, family and finance.


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