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Joanne Miles, MAADOM, RDA

For dentists and private practice owners it can be hard to tune out the noise coming from DSOs and corporate dentistry saying you can’t succeed.

The reality is, many doctors succumb to these limiting beliefs, rather than breathing life into the dream they deserve. If left uncorrected, corrosion can happen with decision making, connection with team and patients, and personal joy. This can result in settling for marginal results when you are capable of so much more.

In dentistry, I am known as the Swiss Army knife for business. With decades of industry experience including working with private multi-location practices, I share proven methods to guide dentists to grow across the nation. From jump starting scratch start to elevating existing practices, my passion for providing proven methods and training of business operations and team development give private practice dentists the competitive edge to accelerate exceptional patient care, whether you have one or multiple locations.

As a IGP Business Advisor for PDA, I enjoy bringing positive energy and solutions to help everyday dentists and team so you can achieve extraordinary results. By helping surface what’s possible, you can build an Investment Grade Practice to optimize profitability, patient experience, and team engagement, so you can decrease stress and maximize practice value and realize the freedom private practice ownership can provide.

I am committed to being in your corner, providing a safety net so you can jump with courage and achieve the results you have always dreamed of having. If you are a dentist in private practice looking to rise above the fray and secure your legacy, let’s connect. I would love to share what I know and provide some insight that may help you.

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