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Toronto, Ontario

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Karan Nijhawan

Karan Nijhawan has been helping people live their authentic lives and increasing fulfillment since 2016. He’s hosted over 250+ connection dinners, workshops, seminars, conferences, and retreats all over the world.

In November 2022, he competed in and WON Dentistry’s Got Talent in Fort Lauderdale – a speaking competition among dentists, and influencers in dentistry. He helps people overcome self-doubt, mitigate fear and live a life of the new rich: a life where people enjoy the currencies of time and freedom.

His talks and coaching programs help dentists reduce daily stress, minimize burnout and increase fulfillment. He’s worked with hundreds of individuals on stress reduction and creative life design.

If you’re looking for an outside-the-box speaker that will make your participants stop and think about their life, while feeling an immediate boost of possibility in their lives, Karan Nijhawan is your guy.

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