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Kathleen Carson, DDS

From diagnosis and treatment to outcomes and aftercare, the importance of the airway is becoming more highly recognized by dental, medical and wellness professionals. Healthcare professionals play a critical role in surgical and nonsurgical interventions to improve and correct structural and functional airway problems.

Committed to advancing healthcare professionals’ perception of airway centric dentistry, Kathleen Carson, DDS has earned a reputation as a go-to-specialist for delivering quality continuing education content. Her dynamic, engaging, and influential programs offer healthcare professionals a more complete approach to care and better patient experiences.

Kathleen’s inspiration comes from her personal history when she was a young mother and unknowingly dealing with a child with a significantly compromised airway. Since that time, over 15 years ago, she has dedicated a large portion of her education and personal growth to the importance of airway and oxygen delivery. She has successfully developed ways to contribute to her patients’ overall health and improving the clinical results of her dental services, as well.

For nearly 20 years, Kathleen and her team have focused on a comprehensive care model utilizing a variety of integrative modalities to improve overall health and well-being of patients. Her authentic, content-rich presentations encourage and guide professionals to transform lives through airway centric dental care.

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