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Lani Grass

Lani is a Career and Life Strategist, Personal Branding coach and Speaker.

She is the founder of Wave of Women in Dentistry. She spends her time working with women dentists on identifying their story, who they are authentically, how they want to show up in the world and then builds a path to self-actualizing. Lani is known for leadership coaching and her programs, Personal Brand Blueprint and Women of Influence in Dentistry.

Being a natural born introvert in a challenging childhood gifted Lani with the ability to read between the lines and deeply understand people. Having lost nearly everyone in her life years ago, she rebuilt her identity out of who she was at the core and her intention in life.

Born in Thailand, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and her youngest daughter. Her burning desire is to use her mastery to help women recognize and play a bigger role in who they are, so they grow confident to create the life and career they love.

Her philosophy: When women lead with feminine strength and confidence, their community becomes a better place.


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