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Laura Mach, DDS

Dr. Laura Mach is a general dentist with a private practice in Marion, Iowa. She is also a certified Life Coach and helps dentists live a more intentional life by teaching them to utilize their thoughts for results they seek to achieve. She coaches dentists with leadership, relationships, and the stresses related to clinical outcomes. She also coaches dentists to improve their career satisfaction by helping them see what obstacles are preventing them from having their best life. Dr. Mach launched a podcast last year called “Feeling Better, a Podcast for Dentists” where she discusses thoughts, feelings, and dentisting. She has also written several articles on the subject. She has developed a keynote speech called “My Dental Happiness Experiment” that describes what happened in her own practice when she chose to be deliberate with her mood for better leadership, and how other dentists can change what they are getting at work by doing the same thing.

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