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Mark LeBlanc, CSP

Mark works with people who want to start a business and with small businesses that want to grow their business. He has carved out a tremendous niche of working with service firms and professionals who want to sell their time and talent and take their business or practice to a new level. In addition to working one-on-one, Mark conducts presentations and workshops on a variety of issues related to growing a business and effective marketing strategies. He speaks to groups of business owners and professionals who want more focus, prospects, referrals, and ultimately more business. Mark teaches business owners how to think, take action, and focus their attention in a way that leads to a better return on their time, energy, and money.

Mark has given over a thousand presentations and conducted over 150 business development retreats including his nationally-renowned Achievers Circle. His masterful facilitation skills create an experience that meets the best of what owners need and want.

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