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Wyoming, MN

(612) 237-5504

– Business/Financial
– Human Resources
– Practice Management

Mary Shipp, DDS

Dr. Shipp was a practice owner for over 20 years. She managed many associate dentists and auxiliary staff. Dr. Shipp now helps dentists start their own practices. She excels in the management of the dental office. Dr. Shipp is a trained HR Consultant for Bent Ericksen, and aids offices in developing their office manuals.

Dr. Shipp coaches and speaks on new dental office development and the inner workings of the dental office. She enjoys sharing her first hand experience of opening and owning a dental office while simultaneously pursuing other non-dental interests. She is a firm believer that one can be successful at more than one thing at a time.

Dr. Shipp is an active member of the ADA and MDA; and is a member of the Minnesota Peer Review Committee. She serves as a mediator between patients and doctors.

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