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Nikki Shibley

With over 25 years experience in dental practice management, Nikki Shibley has an advanced understanding of how to develop exceptional relationships between team members and patients. Her patient-centered approach to practice management was honed early in her career while working as a dental assistant. Today, Nikki routinely receives accolades within the industry for her ability to develop innovative strategies to save practices time, money, and stress. In particular, Nikki has an in-depth understanding of practice marketing and team building and knowledge of how to leverage both for maximum success.

Nikki’s program helps dental teams enhance practice efficiency through the development of strong operating procedures. From the front office, to the meeting room and beyond, Nikki helps dental professionals achieve their full potential through the implementation of lucrative, high-impact daily operations. By obtaining the tools necessary to build strong systems and procedures, Nikki’s audiences gain the necessary skills and knowledge for building cohesive teams and attracting (and retaining) the right patients.

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