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Seattle, WA

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– Health and Wellness
– Integrative Dental Medicine
– Occlusion/TMD/Orofacial Pain
– Oral Cancer
– Oral Surgery

Rebecka Clark, RDH, LMT

Rebecka Clark has dual licensure in Dental Hygiene and Massage Therapy. She has extensive education orofacial myology, breathwork, lymphatic drainage, intraoral massage, craniosacral therapy, postural therapy and scar tissue release.

She is a passionate patient advocate, motivator and change maker with a different approach to orofacial myofunctional therapy. Her goal is to educate dental providers on the need of employing massage therapists in practices to help reduce dental anxiety, and expand the scope of practice for dental hygienists to provide intraoral soft tissue manual manipulation chairside to lessen overall dental and facial pain surrounding dental treatments.

Although Rebecka has been an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist for 5 years, it was her own surgical journey that pushed her to advocate for herself in rehabilitative care. She has limited her practice to facial therapy and rehabilitation in downtown Seattle where she intertwines massage therapy techniques and orofacial myology for maximum and sustainable results.

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