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Robert B. Kerstein, DMD

A pioneer and academic science advocate for digital occlusal technology, Robert B. Kerstein, DMD, teaches a measured system which greatly improves the success of bite-related procedures commonplace in every clinical practice by providing predictable, rapid bite comfort for most patients. This measured system lessens breakage and costs associated with remakes while shortening treatment times and reducing wasted chair time.

Recognized as a leading author and researcher in the field of Computerized Occlusal Analysis, Dr. Kerstein has published forty-five peer reviewed publications. Additionally, Dr. Kerstein has authored four textbook chapters that highlighted the T-Scan computerized occlusal analysis technology. Recently, he collaborated as Head Editor with 16 international authors to create the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine, which is a 20-chapter treatise on the T-Scan technology’s many uses in the differing disciplines of clinical dental practice.

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