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Sarah Cottingham, RDH

Sarah attended Northern Arizona University and began practicing as a dental hygienist in 1991. Sarah’s ability to see the ‘Big Picture’ while paying attention to the small ‘Details’ has given her successful edge in the coaching industry. Not only do her clients get lasting sustainable results, the patient base becomes extremely healthy. The edge that her clients get is one that comes from being able to get practical sound advice from a coach that had been in the trenches as an assistant, hygienist, and manager. Sarah is an accomplished clinician, speaker, author , mentor and coach. Sarah enjoys speaking to professionals about how to passionately impact their career – venues have included Townie, WRDC, local components, Arizona Scientific Session, BCS Quarterly events, and Spear Education.

Specialties: Sarah specializes in helping businesses reach their success potential in many ways. Utilizing her training in Neurolinguistic Programming to help teams understand their clientele more, ensuring a level of success that they could imagine previously.

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