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Sarah Cottingham, RDH

Sarah is a dynamic and accomplished professional who has dedicated her career to unleashing the full potential of individuals and teams across diverse industries, leading to sustainable business success. With a background in dental hygiene, she quickly made a significant impact in the field. However, Sarah’s expertise extends far beyond dentistry, as she possesses an exceptional ability to envision the ‘Big Picture’ while diligently attending to the ‘Details’ in various business settings.

As a highly sought-after speaker & coach, Sarah has successfully equipped clients and their teams with the skills necessary for achieving sustainable success. Placing people at the forefront, she empowers individuals to grow and become the driving force behind their businesses. With hands-on experience in various organizational roles, including assistant, hygienist, manager, director, owner, and CEO, Sarah intimately understands the challenges faced across different positions. This practical wisdom enables her to provide clients and team members with invaluable insights, giving them a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Sarah’s versatility shines through her diverse range of talents, and her expertise is in high demand from professionals nationwide. She has been invited to speak at prestigious events and venues, including Spear Education, Western Regional, ADHA Arizona Scientific Session, Townie, and various local components. Sarah effortlessly connects with her audience on a deeper level, stirring them to move into action and become the change agents required in their current situations.

Sarah’s unwavering passion lies in inspiring professionals to make a profound difference in their endeavors. She is deeply committed to unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams, enabling them to thrive and achieve sustainable success. With Sarah’s guidance, clients gain the tools and strategies needed to create lasting impact and become the driving force in their respective fields.
As a speaker, Sarah keeps the audiences engaged and encourages groups to keep an open mind and stay present to be a life-long learner, because there will always be a string of pearls they are going to take away with them after spending some time in one of Sarahs’ courses.

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