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Shan K. Bagby, DMD, MHA, FACHE

Brigadier General (Ret.) Shan Kevin Bagby is a senior healthcare executive and decorated C-suite military leader. He brings a wide range of experience and domain expertise in executive leadership, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, budget oversight, and healthcare administration. His blended clinical and business acumen allows him to touch matrixed organizations at all levels – from developing and training clinical teams to leading large divisions.

After Shan obtained a dental degree at the University of Pittsburgh, he entered his residency and subsequent fellowship for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Following residency, in 1997, he came on active duty in the US Army until officially retiring in 2023.

Shan’s 25-year active-duty career in the US Army included a number of progressive roles across program management, military education, medical logistics, and personnel management, while also serving as a subject matter expert and principal advisor to military C-suite on organizational safety, quality, and efficiency. He managed large teams (up to 22,000 employees), directed multibillion-dollar operational budgets, and supervised large-bed military hospitals, public health clinics, dental, and veterinary facilities across multi-state markets which served up to 500,000+ beneficiaries.

Additionally, he led all facets of workforce planning (recruiting, retention, education, and training), managed staff reorganizations to better streamline operations, expanded health services, engaged stakeholders from multiple military branches, shaped mission and value propositions, and drove diversity and inclusion initiatives. During his tenure, he also obtained two additional graduate degrees, one in healthcare administration and another in strategic studies.

Shan’s career has been focused on leading people, creating high-performing teams, and driving continuous improvement. His work demonstrates his passion for breaking barriers, blazing trails and embodying excellence. He is heavily invested in his work and gains great satisfaction from it. He is well regarded for establishing consensus and rapport as well as offering up diverse solutions to complex problems.

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