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Shelley Renee

Shelley Renee believes a great injustice needs to be corrected in our industry. Too many owners are weighed down with complicated or missing systems and would like to map the direction of the practice. Uncover that you are the asset, not the practice. Work in a meaningful way that brings your fulfillment.

You can find your purpose and align the practice and team with shared values and beliefs. Shelley Renee’s presentations deliver the strategies and systems that unlock the team’s ability to achieve greater together. Organizing teams, implementing systems, increasing profit, and achieving goals are part of the overall solutions she provides.

From the backwoods of Maine to life in New York, Shelley Renee has seen a lot in dentistry in the past 30+ years! With years of tried-and-true experience providing dental audiences and practices with tailored strategic solutions, Shelley Renee helps dental practice owners simplify and streamline their day-to-day operations while maintaining a fun, peaceful, profitable, and productive environment

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