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Susan Cotten, RDH, BSDH, OMT

Through Susan’s oral cancer presentations and hands-on oral cancer screening workshops, she provides dental professionals with the critical information, tools, and skills needed to confidently perform a comprehensive oral cancer screening.

Susan - known as dentistry’s Oral Cancer Coach - developed the “Cotten Method” of screening, a comprehensive method of screening for oral and oropharyngeal cancer, and other head and neck conditions. She works with dental professionals to increase not only their confidence in a comprehensive screening, but also reduce the risk of liability, and increase early detection. Susan has performed over 60 thousand oral cancer screenings in her dental hygiene career, has organized countless free oral cancer screening events including the Denver Bronco’s Health and Wellness Expo, and she has volunteered providing free screenings to the homeless with an integrated medical/dental team led by a head and neck surgeon.

Her combination oral cancer presentation followed by the hands-on oral cancer screening workshop is in high demand and her favorite offering for dental conferences, study groups, dental and dental hygiene association annual sessions. With 20 plus years as a clinical dental hygienist, Susan easily connects with the attendees and meets them where they are in their struggles with time management implementing a comprehensive screening, confidence when screening, and when to refer persistent signs and symptoms.

As a result of attending Susan's oral cancer lecture and workshop, dental professionals report they are more confident and efficient performing an oral cancer screening and discover how critical the comprehensive screening is to early detection and reducing their risk of liability. And they frequently report back and share their stories of discovering oral cancer and other head and neck conditions, because they implemented a comprehensive screening.

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