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Tiffany Wuebben, RDH

Tiffany Wuebben, RDH brings three decades of dental experience and nearly two decades as a practicing hygienist to the forefront of dental hygiene. She is revolutionizing the field through her systematic approach to maximizing hygiene department productivity and growth. Tiffany offers speaking and coaching programs to dental professionals across the country in which she provides the framework to successfully enact her protocols into practices of all sizes. She is a frequent guest on industry podcasts as well as host of her own podcast and digital digest: Your Hygiene Headquarters.

Tiffany believes that through customized scheduling, proper perio-diagnosis and offering state of the art adjunct procedures that promote oral health, the hygienepreneur can have a successful department within the larger practice. In addition, they can also help promote the doctor’s success and significantly raise the level of revenue and patient loyalty within the practice.

In her highly praised book, Hygienepreneur: The Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Achieving Career Success & Personal Transformation, Tiffany outlines twenty-five key lessons for becoming the ultimate dental hygienist: providing the highest level of patient care, contributing significantly to practice revenue and gaining new insights into mastering one’s destiny.

Prior to her role as a hygienist, Tiffany served in a variety of other positions in the dental industry, including insurance specialist, treatment plan coordinator and lead case presenter at twelve dental practices across Southern California. These positions led her to become Regional Manager of six practices (three general and three specialty.) Tiffany has a unique passion for the field of dentistry and believes in giving back to the profession that has given so much to her!

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