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Timothy McNeely

Many dentists and business leaders are wasting time relying on ordinary advice from ordinary advisors. Tim McNeely loves helping dental entrepreneurs implement lessons from the Super-Rich so you can reclaim your time and build an even more amazing life of significance. However, what matters the most to Tim is meeting his wife, Dana Yeoman D.D.S. He saw the frustration she had running her dental practice and set out to help make things simple. Since meeting Dana, Tim has helped hundreds of busy dentists, business owners, and select professionals make informed decisions about their money so they can keep changing the world for the better.

Successful business leaders, dentalpreneurs, business owners, and select professionals work with Tim to:

  • Establish and benefit from a High-Performing Virtual Family Office.
  • Develop and implement a plan to help them achieve all that is important to them.
  • Make smarter decisions in today’s uncertain political, economic and social environment.
  • Obtain an independent second opinion/stress test from an experienced advisor.

Tim is a speaker for the California Dental Association local components, the Southern California Academy of General Dentistry, along with selected mastermind and CEO groups. He is a contributing author to publications such as Dental Practice Management, Dental Economics, The Kern Business Journal, and DentistryIQ. He is also frequently invited to be a guest on leading podcasts due to his unique insight into the world of the Super Rich and being able to apply the strategies to all of his clients no matter their net worth.

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