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Vanessa Emerson, FDSI

Vanessa Emerson, FDSI mentors professionals in business development/strategy, marketing, event management, conscious leadership, and health/wellness principles.

Vanessa’s annual conferences attract professionals who gather to learn, network and support each other in growing their skillsets, mindsets, and shaping their ndustry.

Honored by Dental Products Report as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry (2017), awarded Nifty Thrifty's Dental Industry Influencer of the Year (2023), and thrice selected for the Denobi Award Shortlist (2021, 2022, 2023) for her outstanding contributions in the dental industry, Vanessa is recognized as the ‘go to’ resource that helps meeting planners create stronger meetings, speakers acquire more bookings, consultants attract and retain clients and all to meet their business goals.

She is frequently booked by dental organizations who would like to encourage their members to explore and expand their roles as speakers and consultants.

An avid student of self-development over four decades, Vanessa is honored to be a Chopra Certified Total Well-Being Coach & Health/Meditation Instructor.   Her courses and events reflect the understanding that professionals who prioritize self-care and self-development are more likely to experience happiness, vitality, and fulfillment.