Powerful Persuasive Presentations with Patricia Fripp

Powerful, Persuasive Presentations

Imagine the results you would achieve if everyone perceived you as a powerful, persuasive presenter. You can be. Easily, quickly, conveniently, and cost effectively.


FrippVT Powerful Persuasive Presentations includes 17 interactive courses focused on all aspects of creating and delivering powerful presentations that inspire action and commitment as well as driving more sales and business development.

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Dental Speaker Institute’s Fellowship curriculum offers a robust educational program which can help you elevate your influence and impact as a dental speaker and platform professional.  Through DSI’s fellowship program, you will:

  • Increase your knowledge and improve your skills in the areas of content development, presentation skills, and the business of speaking.
  • Work one-on-one with speaker development coaches, and
  • Demonstrate the application of what you have learned by getting booked and delivering presentations

Learn more:  FDSICurriculum.com