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Shawn Zajas


Zana is flipping the old toothbrush model on its head. In the process, we’re creating a program that elevates the patient experience in a way that’s simple and easy for offices to implement.

  • Wow patients
  • Make patients feel like they belong
  • Make your practice grow

Generate Word of Mouth with a Remarkable Delivery

  • At a Zana Practice, patients come in, get their procedure, and go back home to enjoy their new smile.
  • A couple weeks later, they find a little surprise in the mail. A package addressed to them, from their dentist?
  • They open it. Unbox it. Share it.

And it doesn’t stop there! Every 6 months, a new package arrives with free replacement brush heads. Reminding them again of one of their best decisions ever- choosing your practice to care for their smile!



Shawn Zajas