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Sameer Bhasin

Michael Clark


In addition to financing options that help patients get care without delay, CareCredit provides FREE resources developed from input of leading dental educators and dental teams including kits filled with scripts and tools for:

1. Effective Patient Follow-up
2. Increase Acceptance of Aesthetic Dentistry
3. Effective Patient Hand-offs

To request your FREE resources, call your Practice Development Team at 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6.

Ready to add CareCredit? Call 800-300-3046, option 5 to get started.

555 Anton Blvd., Ste. 700
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Sameer Bhasin

Michael Clark

Ian Lynch

Camila Paiva 

Elijah Desmond


Dental Vault gives any practice, regardless of size, the ability to go back in time and recover the entirety of their data prior to an attack.

  • Recover data
  • Reduce downtime
  • Get back to business faster

Whether rebooting from the cloud or the server, with Dental Vault, a practice’s data can be available at any time.

Dental Vault


Ian Lynch
(214) 206-9277

Camila Paiva
(603) 305-5120

Elijah Desmond
(808) 348-6024

Jenni colborn
Jess Reynolds
matt mulcock
Matt Mulcock

Dentist Advisors

Personalized Investment Advice & Comprehensive Financial Planning

We see your entire financial picture using our proprietary system and leading edge technology.

  • Know you have the best financial advisor
  • Know your money is invested properly
  • Know you're building wealth
  • Know you're in control of your finances with a dashboard

Dentist Advisors
879 Baxter Drive
South Jordan, UT  84095



Jess Reynolds
Marketing & Relationships Coordinator

Matt Mulcock, CFP
Senior Advisor

Mark LeBlanc

LeBlanc, Inc.

Create an extreme sliver of focus. Develop unstoppable momentum.
Do more of the good work you are called and compelled to do.
Fill your calendar. And, keep your fun meter on max!

Find out what you need to know and what you need to do to take your business or practice up one level or four. Mark will share nine best practices around money, focus and marketing, including strategies, steps and tools for making it happen.

Mark LeBlanc, CSP
Growing Your Business

Minneapolis, MN

(612) 860-9138


The Achievers Circle

2020 Dates

Jan 24-26; Minneapolis
Feb 28-Mar 1; La Jolla
Apr 3-5; Minneapolis
May 1-3; Minneapolis
Sep 25-27; Minneapolis
Nov 20-22; La Jolla

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Danny Laneri


Conveniently engage with customers and prospects, automatically generate online reviews and feedback, and use your reputation to promote your local business online with Swell!

  • Engage with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Make your reputation shine online
  • Get leads and new customers
  • Learn from customers and improve
  • Get paid faster

Swell helps your local business grow by simplifying customer engagement and turning your online reputation into a marketing machine.

Danny Laneri
Director of Business Development
Holladay, UT

(435) 659-5758



Jim Gerson

Dr. Glenn Vo
Dr. Chris Hoffpauir


Started by a Dentist for Dentists

CS Enterprise™ is the only complete cloud based dental software for one reason – Whether its an independent practitioner or a large multi site DSO, our all-in-one solution offers everything required for complete clinical and business management. That means your team members from the front desk to back office to executive management can work seamlessly together on a single source of truth.


Jim Gerson
(303) 941-0241

Dr. Glenn Vo
(214) 394-7952

Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir
(713) 502-2999

Dylan Casanova
(651) 280-9608

Dylan Casanova
curtis marshall, Dental Intel
Curtis Marshall


Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence is the leader in providing an online software for dental offices to increase patient care and team performance.

“We're up $276,788 from 12 months ago. I've never seen anything like di.” -Dr. Thomas Allen

~ Morning Huddle
~ Automatic Case Acceptance Tracker
~ Mobile app
~ And Much More

See your office data on an intelligent dashboard, at no cost, for a limited time.

Call 801.717.2777 give them the code “JUMPSTART” or
Click get.dentalintel.com/jumpstart

Are you a speaker? Do you want current trends and benchmarks within dental offices, for your presentations?  Email Curtis Marshall Curtis@dentalintel.com with your topic in the subject line, to receive free statics on your topic.

Dental Intelligence
2100 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Suite 300
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062



Curtis Marshall


James Anderson, DMD

Sandy Odle

eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Billing Service

If your insurance collection ratio is low, you need our help! Unpaid and delinquent claims are time-consuming and challenging for any office to collect. The eAssist Dental Billing Service ensures proper electronic claims and electronic attachment submission, accurate posting of all EOB credits and adjustments to patient ledgers, investigation of questionable denied claims in a timely manner, appeal of denied claims using your detailed clinical notes, and daily progress reports.

Completely Outsource Your Billing Department

  • Dental Billing
  • Dental Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Dental Medical Billing
  • Dental Insurance Verification
  • Patient Accounts Receivable Management

Visit us at dentalbilling.com or call us at 1-844-eAssist for an absolutely free, no obligation consultation and we’ll show you exactly how easy it is to let eAssist handle your dental billing needs and how profitable working with us can really be!

eAssist Dental Solutions
204 N East Promontory. #200
Farmington, UT 84025



James Anderson

Sandy Odle

Amber Day


Dental Practice Services

Gargle is a Group Purchasing Organization offering deep discounts on dental services. Gargle products are easy to onboard, and come with a dedicated analyst. Most Gargle members save more than $36k each year.

Included with your membership:

Amber Day, RDH
VP of Business Development



Jacquelyn Hurley


Introducing the Solutionreach success formula.

Yep, it turns out that building a more profitable practice really is an exact science. The combination of our award winning technology and industry leading expertise will help you:

  • Increase patient visits. Patient education and targeted recall messaging are exactly what you need to get patients back into the office.
  • Reduce no-shows. Appointment reminders are the foundation of what we do—and after 20 years, we’ve got this down pat. Our average customer has a no show rate of 5% or less!
  • Fill open appointments. From online scheduling to automated wait list messages and more, we have the tools you need to fill those empty appointments.
  • Improve patient satisfaction. Our platform includes the technology patients now expect—two-way texting, a digital intake process, automated surveys, payment via text and more.

Maximize visits. Minimize holes in the schedule. What’s stopping you? To learn more, visit www.SolutionReach.com.

2600 N. Ashton Blvd.
Lehi, UT 84043


Jacquelyn Hurley
Business Development Manager

Bonnie Pugh

Academy of Dental Management Consultants

The ADMC is a group of individual dental consultants who derive their primary income from providing some or all of the following services to the dental profession:

  • Practice Management Consulting
  • Office/Clinical Efficiency
  • Profitability Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Professional Speaking

Formed in 1987, we are continuing to grow and merit the respect and confidence of our peers and the dental profession. If you qualify, there are many benefits of being a member of the ADMC - such as developing relationships with industry leading consultants such as yourself.

Learn more at www.ADMC.net

Academy of Dental Management Consultants
18104 Howling Wolf Run
Parrish, FL 34219

Bonnie Pugh
Executive Director
(888) 425-3235 ext. 700