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Elijah Desmond

The Dental Festival

Dentistry’s most exciting events
in one dental festival

Welcome to the UNCONVENTIONAL — DENTAL CONVENTION where we like to color outside the lines, have a judgment-free zone, and put our people first! We plan to set the new standard post-Covid and give not only influencers and vendors the experience they deserve, but also give the attendees what they have been waiting for!

The Vendors Oasis, AKA, the Exhibit Hall, will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Visit your vendors while listening to our DJ that's playing music that just wants to makes you dance. We will have networking events at night and fun events every evening!

It's simple, our plan is to over-deliver so much that people don’t want to come back once per year, but twice!! Our mission is to unite Dentistry with TOTAL collaboration and community.


Elijah Desmond, CEO & Founder
(808) 348-6024